Daily Buzz: What Should You Make of Facebook’s Paid Groups?

What the future of paid membership subscriptions could look like on Facebook, from The Membership Guys podcast. Also: how bad data hygiene can mess up your direct mail campaign.

Is Facebook the future of membership-focused subscriptions?

The issue has been a topic of discussion since June, when the platform announced a test allowing group admins to charge a subscription fee to their members. What happens next with this trial remains to be seen, but it could have major implications for how some organizations use the social network.

In their latest podcast, The Membership Guys lay out the pros and cons. Strongly on the con side, they say: Putting a paid membership option on Facebook means building a community on a site your organization doesn’t control. And with the social network’s features and algorithm always changing, it could mean inconsistency in who gets attention on the platform. The result could alienate members or alter their perception of the group.

On the other hand, Facebook could offer more convenience through group-specific live videos, easy access to current and relevant content, and an enhanced group structure that makes it simple to engage with other members.

But while the trial plays out, one thing is for sure: It would be wise not to lean too heavily on Facebook until all the pros and cons become clear.

Direct Mail Data Hygiene

Often, when we talk about message deliverability, we’re talking about email. But there’s another kind of deliverability to worry about: print deliverability.

That’s a subject of a recent post on the Lane Press website. Author Jason Kiefer highlights the errors that can prevent your direct mail campaign from hitting its destination, including incomplete zip codes, poor name formatting, and incorrect abbreviations.

Read Kiefer’s post for more tips on data hygiene for direct mail.

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