Veterinary Group Unveils Website to Support Students and Young Professionals

To ease the transition between veterinary school and the professional world, the American Veterinary Medical Association unveiled a new website focused on developing early careers, maintaining wellness, and managing finances.

Graduating from veterinary school can be both exciting and scary.

“Speaking from personal experience, those first few years after graduating are full of exciting opportunities,” said Dr. Kevin Dajka, chief products and services officer at the American Veterinary Medical Association, in a press release. “They may also come with challenges that can feel overwhelming at times.

That’s why AVMA created, a website for veterinarians in three career stages—current students, new veterinarians, and rising professionals—with information and resources directed to the specific challenges and opportunities that each of those groups face.

For instance, those vets in the “New Veterinarian” career stage will find information, articles, and webinars pertaining to everything from finding and applying for veterinary jobs with the federal government to a salary estimator. There’s also information on managing financial health and personal wellbeing—issues that AVMA has previously tackled in others ways.

“We’ve focused our efforts to highlight those opportunities and help manage challenges our up-and-coming veterinarians may face,” Dajka said in a press release. “With, new professionals now have a centralized resource to help navigate and succeed during that period of their lives.”

To create, AVMA culled previously published materials and organized them by career stage, but the association has also added a series of seven modules addressing a major issue for recent veterinary school graduates: student loan repayment.

“AVMA is working hard to address the foundational issues that have led to an increase in student debt for veterinary school graduates because we don’t want this to become something that keeps people from pursuing their dreams of careers in veterinary medicine,” AVMA Spokesman Michael San Filippo said.


These modules include tips and strategies from Paul Garrard, a student loan debt expert in the medical and health arenas, and cover everything from effective ways to use loan calculators to federal loan repayment options.

“We want veterinary students and early-career veterinarians to know what options are available to them as far as accessing financial assistance, paying off student debt, and advocating for legislation that will help reduce the burden of student debt,” San Filippo said.

Ultimately, AVMA wants to be a resource for all of its members at every stage of their careers.

“The goal of is to provide a centralized resource providing tools to help veterinarians develop their careers, maintain their wellbeing, and manage the financial stresses of personal and professional life,” San Filippo said.

Emily Bratcher

By Emily Bratcher

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