Accounting Association Highlights Certificate Program to Stay Ahead of Automation

In a new ad campaign, the Institute of Management Accountants highlights how its CMA certification program prepares industry professionals for the rise of automation.

Over the years, with advanced tech like artificial intelligence and machine learning in place to crunch the numbers, the way accounting and finance professionals work has changed.

Despite some challenges, the technology has also offered management accountants the opportunity to grow and focus on making key strategic business decisions.

Now, the Institute of Management Accountants (IMA) has launched a new campaign intended to highlight that growth opportunity through its Certified Management Accountant certification program. The CMA program prepares accounting and finance professionals for the rise of automation in the industry, as well as offers insight into core subjects such as financial planning, analysis, corporate finance, and risk management.

The ads are a continuation of the IMA’s “You’ve Got to Earn It” campaign from 2017, which focused on the emergence of robots in the accounting field. This year, the ads emphasize how professionals with CMA certification are better poised to thrive alongside technology in the digital age.

“When we first launched the ‘You’ve Got to Earn It’ campaign, we were just beginning to understand how automation would impact the work of accounting and finance professionals,” said Jeff Thomson, IMA president and CEO, in a press release. “Today, we’re keenly aware of the challenges, but also the opportunities AI offers to help management accountants add influence and value.”

IMA’s mission is to advance the management accountant industry as a whole, and Thomson said the new strategic campaign will do just that. “As a global association, we hope this ad inspires the profession to embrace technology and gain the skills needed to work alongside our new robotic ‘friends,’” he said.

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Jeff Hsin

By Jeff Hsin


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