Daily Buzz: Retaining Chapter Leaders

Chapter leadership comes with a lot of responsibility. Here’s how you can empower your leaders to prevent turnover. Also: One company implements mandatory vacation days.

It can be frustrating to recruit and train a chapter leader just to have them drop out or burn out a short time later.

To keep your organizational leadership as strong as possible, set leaders up for success with the right expectations and training, says a recent post from the Billhighway blog.

During the onboarding, make sure that your leaders fully understand chapter responsibilities and national expectations. “Spell out national’s chapter-related responsibilities and resources,” writes Charlotte Muylaert. “For example, chapters can look to national for advice and tools to help them with chapter administration.”

Stop burnout before it happens by letting leaders know that they don’t need to be superheroes. “Provide ongoing training for officers, board directors, and committee chairs on how to break up and delegate tasks, make meetings meaningful and enjoyable, and recruit volunteers who will share the work with them,” writes Muylaert.

Required PTO

Many of us get into the bad habit of losing vacation days year after year. How would your life change if PTO were mandatory?

Amir Salihefendić, founder of the productivity startup Doist, recently announced an overhaul of his company’s vacation policy that would be fair to his employees around the world, reports Quartz At Work.

Doist is now doing away with national company holidays and is instead giving employees 40 days to use as they see fit. The twist here is that taking all the PTO is mandatory.

“I hope policies like ours can inspire others to think about what it truly means to create a productive place to work,” Salihefendić told Quartz At Work.

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