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Daily Buzz: Views on Women in Leadership

Many Americans perceive women to exhibit better leadership traits in a new Pew survey. Also: Consult this to-do list after attending a conference.

A recent Pew survey examines leadership skills in both politics and business and how they intersect with gender, and some of the findings may be a bit surprising.

Even though men hold the majority of leadership positions in politics and business, the 4,587 survey respondents said that women fare better on many skills.

“Of the nine leadership qualities listed for political leaders, men fared better than women on only one (being willing to take risks); men and women were equally favored on working well under pressure,” writes Jena McGregor in The Washington Post. “And of the 12 traits listed for business leaders, women fared better on all but three (risk-taking, being persuasive, and making profitable deals).”

The difference in leadership perception between men and women is slight, with many Americans not seeing much difference at all, except when it comes to compassion. Around 59 percent of respondents say that women in business do a better job at exhibiting compassion and empathy.

Maximize Your Conference Experience

Conferences offer up tremendous learning and networking opportunities for attendees, but to get the most out of the event, there are a few things you need to do after it’s over.

“Once people know you’re back in the office, they will definitely try to take control of your time,” writes Amanda Pressner Kreuser in a new Inc. post. “I make sure to schedule my out of office greeting for one day (or at least a half day) longer than the event to give myself ample time to execute on all of the to-dos and follows up that come out of each conference.”

Kreuser also recommends making to-do lists from your conference notes, spotlighting insights, and continuing to network.

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