Daily Buzz: Working Outside of Association Hot Spots

You don’t have to live in an association hot spot to have a thriving career. Association Success shares a few ways to overcome geographic challenges. Also: Getting clicks is getting tougher and tougher.

We all know that lots of associations are headquartered in Washington DC, Chicago, and other major metropolises, but you don’t have to live in a big city to be an effective leader and have a flourishing association career.

A recent article from Association Success shares a few of the obstacles that come from working outside of industry centers and how to overcome them. Take networking, for instance. You can get a lot of work done anywhere you have an internet connection, but meeting a wide variety of fellow association pros is going to be difficult.

To develop your professional network, “maximize the utility of existing work travel by cutting out for an hour or so to attend local meet-ups of association professionals in the city you are visiting,” writes Tracy Vanneman.

Also consider having a contractor in DC or local capitals to advocate for your group’s interests. You can still influence governments without living near government agencies year-round.

Trickle of Traffic

Some of the biggest traffic drivers on the internet are driving less and less traffic.

In a new SparkToro post, Rand Fishkin details how internet giants like Facebook, Google, and Reddit are actually working to keep people from leaving their platforms, resulting in less clicks for the rest of us.

“In the last five years, there has not been a single major website or dominant web property that has embraced, rewarded, or significantly grown their outlinking,” says Fishkin. “We’ve reached an era of a less-connected web, a web focused on retaining users rather than sharing content.”

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