Daily Buzz: Building a Branding Strategy

You might not think of your nonprofit as a “brand,” but it is. And it needs a branding strategy to become more recognizable. Also: Look beyond ideas when considering innovation.

The word “brand” is usually associated with the for-profit world, but any organization can cultivate its own persona—something that “reflects both their tangible and intangible attributes, such as their values, tone, or voice, and creates a single consistent message that drives their marketing strategy,” says Natasha Lane in a post on the Engaging Volunteers blog.

But for nonprofits, which don’t exist primarily to sell products or services like their for-profit counterparts, creating a recognizable brand identity can be a challenge. Lane shares three tactics to use in your branding strategies:

Tell a story. “No matter the business, audiences have come to expect a story,” she says. “They want meaning and connection; they want to build a relationship with the brand.”

Establish partnerships. Pair up with nonprofits and for-profits that align with your mission to gain visibility with audiences you might not have otherwise.

Build out the brand at all levels. “A strong brand and story will unify your staff and supporters around a specific cause, energizing them to work hard in their roles to support your organization’s important work,” Lane says.

Innovation Beyond Ideas

Ideas are easy, execution is hard. The problem with innovation is that it’s often discussed in terms of ideation, but there’s more to it than that. In a blog post on Medium, author and Inc. contributor Greg Satell says the way that innovation is brought to life matters more than the original spark.

Of course, there’s no specific script for that. “The truth is that there is no one path to innovation. Everybody has to find their own way,” he writes. “Just because someone had success with one strategy doesn’t mean it’s right for the problem you need to solve. So the best advice is to gather as many tools for your toolbox as you can.”

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