Daily Buzz: Developing the Next Generation of Leaders

To prime future leaders, create a talent development system focused on leadership fundamentals. Also: ASAE’s Annual Meeting & Exposition, as it looked 98 years ago.

It takes a lot to be a leader, and the skills to be successful don’t just crop up overnight.

On top of current leaders’ many roles, one of their most important tasks is developing the next generation of leaders. “It is good business to develop talent continuously so that you establish a pipeline of leaders at various stages of readiness that can take the lead whenever circumstances deem necessary,” says leadership expert James Kerr in a post for Inc.

Kerr recommends putting a talent development system in place that focuses specifically on leadership and includes these four components:

  • Background information and data to make educated decisions.
  • An understanding of performance expectations and a focus on fundamental leadership skills, such as delegation and time management.
  • Mentorship for staff.
  • Experiential learning opportunities.

“Think of these combining to form the four legs of a stool—you need all four of these characteristics to establish a well-rounded leadership development program—skip one and the program may not produce results that you can count on,” he says.

ASAE Annual’s 98-Year Legacy

Talk about a throwback: The first ASAE Annual Meeting & Exposition, then called the ATAE Convention, was held in 1920 for 68 attendees. This year, ASAE drew more than 6,000 people to its annual meeting—a significant chunk of its 42,000 individual members representing more than 7,300 organizations.

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