Membership Hack: Recruitment Competition for Chapters

The National Association of Home Builders encourages friendly competition among chapter members with an annual fall membership drive. This year, to raise the stakes, NAHB announced extra cash and prize incentives.

How to hack it? The National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) is in the final few weeks of its fall membership drive, and last week it upped the ante by announcing cash and prize incentives that will be awarded its top recruiters.

To be eligible to win, a builder member must be in good standing with an affiliated state or local building association. Prizes are awarded to members who recruit in one of three categories: small affiliated organizations (up to 249 members), medium affiliated organizations (250 to 499 members), and large affiliated organizations (more than 500 members).

Why does it work? The NAHB incentives added a surprise element to the annual drive, which already included prizes that chapters use to motivate members. For instance, Florida’s Charlotte-Desoto Building Industry Association will give its top recruiter a free trip to Las Vegas to attend NAHB’s International Builders’ Show in February.

What’s the bonus? For some chapters, the fall membership drive creates an opportunity to engage members in local recruitment events. Recently, the Greater Atlanta Home Builders Association set up a phone bank and hosted a recruitment call-a-thon.

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Tim Ebner

By Tim Ebner

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