CEO to CEO: Room for Efficiency

CEO to CEO: Room for Efficiency

What’s an important task that you need to carry out as CEO that you wish you could execute more efficiently?

Michael Fraser, CAE

Executive Director, Association of State and Territorial Health Officials, Arlington, Virginia

Meeting new board members and making sure they are onboarded effectively are often hard to fit in with enough lead time. At a minimum, I try to call new board members before the first meeting to go over any logistics and strategic questions, then set up a time to visit after their first meeting to follow up. Those first contacts are important to set the tone for board service.

Greg Wilson, CAE

Executive Director, Child Support Directors Association, Sacramento, California

Managing conflicting desires among the elected board of directors, committee chairs, and engaged senior volunteers can be a challenge. Occasionally these three groups stop talking and listening to each other and begin to diverge from their efforts.

Lynne Christensen, CAE

CEO, Cedar Shake and Shingle Bureau, Mission, British Columbia

Every CEO wishes there was more time in the day to obtain information directly from those in the marketplace. So much of our job is consumed by reviewing high-level or big-picture summaries. Many times, the best information—the type that gets directly to the heart of the matter— is from a one-on-one conversation with a member.

Jay Himes, CAE

Executive Director, Pennsylvania Association of School Business Officials, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

Email has become an incredible time hog. Far too much valuable time is spent sifting through hundreds of unimportant and junk emails in search of those that are actually relevant. It is a daily and dreaded process.

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