Daily Buzz: 2019 Renewal Strategies

Improve your member renewal rates—and gain new members—next year with these tips. Also: why people flake on meetings.

Membership renewals are one of the biggest roadblocks to an association’s growth. So, as 2018 turns to 2019, it’s time to re-evaluate how to increase next year’s renewal rate—and attract new members in the process.

Audra Hopkins from the WebScribble blog recommends starting with a strong, revamped onboarding plan. “Making sure your association provides a proper onboarding service can make or break the first impression your members have [of] you,” she says.

From there, develop a plan to assess member loyalty. “By running an assessment, you can have a better idea of which members are a sure bet in sticking around, and which may need more attention from your association to reel them back in,” Hopkins says.

Other strategies to consider: building a content road map to boost association value; upgraded renewal processes that allow members to renew on their own time; and tiered membership plans to appeal to a wider variety of people.

Don’t Let Attendees Flake on Your Meeting

Planners, you’ve heard this story before: People RSVP “yes” for an event but then don’t show up. In fact, even if attendees have claimed—and paid—for a ticket, four out of five people will still consider flaking on an event, according to research from Eventbrite and OnePoll.

Why is it so hard to commit?

According to the study, 41 percent of people stay at home because they’re just plain tired. Given that 75 percent of attendees are driven to attend meetings because they are looking forward to the experience, Eventbrite recommends ramping up the meeting’s social channels and touting its unique offerings to get people excited about the event—and more likely to come.

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