Daily Buzz: How to Be on “BoJack Horseman”

The Netflix series is auctioning off the chance to be on the show to help fund California wildfire relief. Also: tips to beat the spam filter.

If you think honeydew is garbage fruit and have always wanted to see the big city lights of Hollywoo, it’s time to get out your checkbook. Netflix series BoJack Horseman is auctioning off a character role in a future episode to help fund wildfire relief.

Its creators are raising money for the California Community Foundation’s Wildfire Relief Fund, and each dollar donated goes toward entries into a raffle, where one winner will be drawn as themselves (or an animal of their choice), meet the production team (and maybe some of the cast; character actress Margo Martindale likely not included), get a signed BoJack Horseman art book and one of Todd’s red hoodies (a clean one), and a free trip to Los Angeles to do all of the above.

The more you donate, the more money goes toward those who have lost homes, jobs, and belongings in the California wildfires. And if that isn’t incentive enough, more money donated also means more entries into the raffle and the greater likelihood that you’ll be singing, “Back in the 2010s, I was on a very famous TV show,” to your grandkids in 30 years.

Don’t Let the Spam Filter Stop Your Emails

You put a lot of effort into your email-marketing strategies—but it all means nothing if your messages don’t get past the spam filter.

“Getting into your subscribers’ inbox is a bit like getting into a swanky, invite-only party,” says Jennifer Hockford in a post on the Higher Logic blog. “There’s a bouncer, and his name is Spam Filter (he’s about 6’10” and 350 pounds). If your contact already left the party, if you seem a little suspicious, if you’re not dressed to the nines … you’re not getting in.”

So, before you hit “send” (or “schedule”) on your next email, Hockford suggests checking that the email account is active, staying away from email buzzwords, and using perfectly outfitted, engaging email design to better the odds that your email is received—and opened—by your contacts.

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“BoJack Horseman“ creator Raphael Bob-Waksberg. (Omaze)

Jeff Hsin

By Jeff Hsin


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