Data Nugget: An Expanding Universe

Associations are looking to expand their member services.

McKinley’s latest study of the economy’s impact on associations reveals that a large majority of organizations were expanding or planning to expand their slate of programs and services this year. This graph shows several areas of activity spurred on by the economy. Meanwhile, “few clients are anticipating negative changes such as layoffs/elimination of positions (15 percent) or salary freezes (10 percent) to occur in the near future,” McKinley reported.

What do you expect to happen at your association in 2018 because of current economic conditions?

Expansion of programs and services: 72 percent

Addition of new positions: 54 percent

Staff reorganization: 47 percent

Change in investment strategy: 26 percent

Significant budget increases: 20 percent

Source: McKinley Advisors, The Economic Impact on Associations Study, 2018 Edition

Note: Percentage includes respondents saying the activity is happening now, definitely will happen, and probably will happen.

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