Hispanic Health Group Launches Association for Pharmacists

Emphasizing the growing need for pharmacists as a public health resource in the Hispanic community, the National Hispanic Health Foundation is launching a new association under its purview—with the support of some big-name retailers.

In launching the National Hispanic Pharmacists Association (NHPA), the National Hispanic Health Foundation isn’t just thinking about now. It’s thinking about a quarter-century from now.

NHHF is launching the new association under its wing to support pharmacists who serve the community, citing trends showing that Hispanic pharmacists are severely underrepresented proportionate to the population as a whole—a problem that could get worse if action isn’t taken now, given the growing Latino population.

“Given that by 2042, 1 out of 4 people living in the United States will be Latino, NHHF is excited to launch NHPA so that Hispanic pharmacists can develop programs and opportunities that can directly impact the health of Americans,” NHHF President Elena Rios said in a news release.

NHPA Board President Maria M. Hearns-Rivas hopes the new organization would “help address the health disparities that Hispanics face in the United States.”

The association will aim to help by launching a new scholarship program, creating new educational opportunities for pharmacy professionals, and working closely with corporate partners. Already, the association has two big retail names in its corner—CVS Health and Walmart—along with the support of the Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America (PhRMA).

In comments on the new group, PhRMA Vice President of Medical Affairs and Strategic Alliances Mike Ybarra stated that his organization views minority-targeted endeavors such as NHPA to be important for improving community health.

“The work of the National Hispanic Pharmacists Association will go a long way toward improving health equity and access to needed treatments,” Ybarra stated in the release.

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Ernie Smith

By Ernie Smith

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