Talking Tech: LMS Learning Curve

Implementing a new learning management system is exciting, but as with every new tech deployment, staff will need instruction in how to use and manage it well. Sarah Butler, training officer and QA engineer at WBT Systems, explains what an effective LMS training looks like.

Associations use a lot of tech systems, and staff tend to get training fatigue. Why is this the kind of training that you can’t skip?

No matter how intuitive the learning management system, you’ll get work done quicker if you start by training staff. They will learn how to take full advantage of the system’s functionality and won’t fall back on old or time-consuming routines. Training staff also makes it more likely that they’ll comply with new policies, processes, and procedures that keep your LMS content, data, forms, and reports clean and organized.

What topics should the training cover?

Don’t be afraid to tailor trainings to specific staff needs. Training sessions usually cover content and catalog creation, reports, e-commerce, and user management. They might also cover client-specific workflows, integrations, and customizations.

Once the LMS has been implemented, are there routines staff should follow?

It depends. Your new LMS may provide functionality that allows you to streamline or automate old processes. Rather than rely on familiar practices, take advantage of your new ability to improve the design and delivery of e-learning programs. Also, staff should always feel free to contact their account managers or support team if they get stuck. Your LMS needs to work for you and your team first.

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