Pet Food Group Gets Interactive to Highlight Feline Nutrition Needs

A new clickable guide from the Pet Food Institute provides a detailed visual resource describing how different nutrients found in common pet foods help improve cat health.

To keep your cat healthy, what you put in the food dish is a good place to start. And a new interactive graphic from the Pet Food Institute can help cat owners understand the impact of good nutrition on feline health.

PFI this week released “Nutrition from Whisker to Paw,” which uses a clickable illustration showing how specific nutrients affect a cat’s body. For example, the graphic shows that Vitamin A supports a cat’s immune system, as does Vitamin C, which also affects joints; calcium and phosphorus improve bones, muscle, and nerves; fats help improve brain function, skin, and fur; and carbohydrates give cats energy while improving their gut health.

In a news release, PFI President and CEO Dana Brooks noted that the tool was designed to illustrate the many considerations that the group’s members, which represent 98 percent U.S. pet food makers, take into account in producing “complete and balanced” foods for cats. The food producers base their foods on nutrient profiles set by the Association of American Feed Control Officials.

“This new resource will help pet lovers see the nutrition in a pet food recipe in action,” Brooks said. “Whether you are feeding a growing kitten or a playful adult cat, their diet plays a key role in supporting a long and healthy life.”

More of a dog person? Good news: PFI has something for you, too. The institute created a similar tool on canine diet called “Nutrition from Nose to Tail” in 2017.

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