Daily Buzz: Amp Up Your Charity Golf Event

Time for your annual golf fundraiser? Create new revenue streams to exceed this year’s goal. Also: creating content that maximizes quality.

When it comes to fundraising strategies, one tactic reigns supreme: the charity golf event. But let’s face it, not every attendee will know a putter from a 9-iron—or even want to pick up a club—which means planners have to find a way to not only raise money but also to engage guests.

The plus side: This challenge opens up the opportunity to create new revenue streams. The OneCause blog’s guide to charity golf events says the following strategies can tee up a golf event for success:

Offer mulligans. In golf, a mulligan gives players a second chance to swing without affecting their scorecards. Allow players to purchase these additional swings before the event and on the course should they find themselves in, well, a rough spot.

Let golfers rent caddying services. If players want help carrying their clubs, give them the chance to purchase the assistance of volunteer caddies. Not only will caddying help raise money, but it can also help get other members of the community involved in the event.

Try hole sponsorships. For guests who want to contribute without getting on the green, allow them to sponsor a hole. With only 18 holes in golf, these coveted spots will likely go quickly—and raise beaucoup bucks in the process.

Maximize Your Content

The key to better content is matching its purpose to your association’s business goals, says Camille Ricketts, head of content and marketing at First Round Capital, in an interview on the Animalz blog.

The next step: Developing an editorial process that prioritizes content quality. Ricketts says that often means finding the narrative behind every story—something that can not only be tedious and drawn out when it comes to restructuring Q&As, for example, but also something that makes it easier for the reader to derive value.

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