Daily Buzz: Make Membership Affordable for Young Professionals

Membership packages with all the bells and whistles of career benefits are important for young professionals, but you won’t attract them unless it’s affordable. Also: select the right AMS.

Making membership worthwhile for millennials and Generation Z starts with value—but ends with affordability.

“While the perception of affordability is shaped by value—the more someone sees the value in a particular good or service, the more likely they are to ensure they have the money to pay for it—young members face additional financial pressures,” says Amanda Myers in a post on the Personify blog.

Student loans, for instance, might hinder a young professional’s financial ability to commit to membership.

The remedy, then? Myers says that while aligning membership packages with core young member values—networking opportunities, career support, and other resources—is of high priority, so is instilling financial flexibility.

“Curating programs may not be enough,” she says. “Introducing additional flexibility into how young members engage and pay for their membership can create the affordability necessary to get—and keep—them on board.”

What Are You Looking for in an AMS?

The perfect association management system doesn’t exist, which is why, when it comes to shopping around for the right software, every organization should start by detailing its AMS needs.

“Your association should drive the requirements and selection process, not the vendor,” says the DelCor team in a blog post. “It’s your association’s job to educate vendors about your goals, requirements, and processes—not the reverse.”

Loop in employees who are familiar with your current AMS—both those who work with the system and who need information from it—to help determine necessary features. “Their knowledge of your system and processes—both the pros and cons—is extremely valuable during requirements gathering,” the team says.

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