Daily Buzz: Preventing Burnout Through Membership

Employee burnout is a real problem—and your association might be the answer. Also: Leverage learning post-meeting.

A work-driven mentality can be great when it comes to achieving goals, but too much work and employees are faced with potential burnout. A surprising remedy: association membership.

“The benefits of association membership act as a counterweight to those burnout risk factors,” writes the WBT System team on its blog. “You may not want to advertise your association as a remedy for burnout, but you may want to rethink how you market membership and start focusing on the impact it can make on a person’s life.”

For example, a person experiencing burnout might not be able to prioritize career development. But your association’s mentorship program, training, or other educational materials can fill that gap.

Associations also offer peer support, and for employees who are feeling weighed down by their jobs, the opportunity to connect, vent to, and learn from other members in the industry can be essential.

“Association membership provides the opportunity to seek the positive and minimize the impact of the negative,” the team writes. “In an association, a member can surround themselves with people who are investing in themselves, making the effort to move forward, and contributing to their community.”

Maximize Your Event Experience

As an association professional, you likely attend a lot of meetings, which means you’re also learning about new ideas, testing tech innovations, and networking with new people all at once. “Just as planning a conference takes effort, so does attending a conference,” says Callie Walker on the MemberClicks blog. “But still, you want to make sure you’re getting the most out of that experience.”

To do that, Walker suggests post-event reflection. Type up your notes, and take your takeaways back to your larger team. Then, prioritize your learnings into actionable items for the group based on its goals.

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