Daily Buzz: Use Tech to Boost Meeting Engagement

Attendee participation can make or break a meeting. That’s where event tech comes in. Also: The downside of narrative content, plus how to fix it.

Meeting planners are always looking for new ways to encourage participation among attendees, but sometimes the answer isn’t just to plan better events—it’s to better engage event-tech solutions.

“While event-management software tools offer a smoother and more efficient meeting planning process, they can also improve engagement, build your brand, and provide attendee insights,” says Callie Walker on MeetingsNet.

Start with a simple yet built-out registration system that easily captures attendee data and can be personalized to fit your meeting’s needs. “Your event system is a key early touch point that shows attendees what’s in store for them,” Walker says. “Without a straightforward and well-built registration system, you run the risk of distancing yourself from your attendees before the event starts.”

From there, consider turning to mobile tech solutions. Attendees are already glued to their phones, and a meeting app, for instance, can keep guests plugged into what’s going on at your event.

Another option? Leverage data from your last conference. “Analyzing data from past events allows you to pinpoint the most and least successful activities, and gives you a head start on planning a more effective event in the future,” Walker says.

Improve Your Storytelling

Storytelling can add another layer to your communications strategy—if it’s done the right way. Susan Moeller writes on PR Daily that language that is too narrative can also lose an organization’s call to action.

Instead, Moeller suggests adding elements of practicality alongside more narrative communications. Including storytelling tactics like characters can still elicit emotion, but it can also help meet your goals, too.

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