Membership Hack: “Ask Me Anything” Calls

The Digital Analytics Association hosts a monthly call modeled off Reddit’s “Ask Me Anything” series. DAA members dial in to ask whatever is on their minds.

How to hack it? Maybe you’ve seen or participated in a Reddit “Ask Me Anything” before. During the experience, the Reddit community—known as Redditors—gets up close and personal, asking several questions to an interesting person. The answers range from informative and insightful to funny and brutally honest.

And it’s the same level of openness that the Digital Analytics Association goes for when it hosts monthly “Ask DAA Anything” calls. Executive Director Marilee Yorchak and usually one additional staff person are on the call.

“It’s an opportunity to proactively answer questions,” says Catherine Hackney, DAA’s community manager. “The questions are related to membership and member benefits, and it’s kind of like open office hours. Anyone, members or nonmembers, can join the call and ask whatever they like.”

Why does it work? The monthly call adds a layer of transparency to member relations, Hackney says. Calls can also help recruit new members. “Common questions include how to become a member or [questions] about our certification program,” Hackney says.

What’s the bonus? After each call, DAA publishes a blog post recapping the conversation. It’s a chance for DAA to not only share the chat with members, who may have missed, but also to provide follow-up answers to questions that might have required further investigation.

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Tim Ebner

By Tim Ebner

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