Daily Buzz: Create an Accessible Association Website

Accessibility standards are always changing. To keep your organization inclusive, your website needs to be usable by everyone. Also: Design a positive future for your association.

Be it at an annual meeting or new learning programs, your association is always striving to make every aspect of your organization inclusive for all. So, why should your website be any different?

“Access to the digital world is becoming increasingly important for everyone. But for many disabled people, interacting with website elements and accessing information online can range from difficult to outright impossible,” usability expert Inge De Bleecker writes on CMSWire. “Using common website elements such as navigation bars, radio buttons, sliders, and forms can be particularly challenging.”

To make your association’s digital space usable by everyone, De Bleecker suggests aligning website development with the latest Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG). But because accessibility standards, like technology, are ever-changing, it’s also important to continue to prioritize accessibility and update your website as needed.

“As accessibility standards evolve, one constant will be unchanging: progressive companies (like Microsoft) will continue to make accessibility a priority,” she says. “That’s because accessibility is important for everyone—not just those requiring assistive technology.”

Reinventing for the Future

The history of your organization doesn’t solidify its future. Garth Jordan writes on Association Success that, with LinkedIn’s new focus on certifications—a space traditionally owned by associations—organizations that aren’t willing to reinvent themselves face a dim future.

“If you’re feeling stuck due to company culture, your board, lack of funding, or—well, it doesn’t matter,” he says. “You’re a leader, you’re daring and spirited. Now is the time to stick your neck on the line and boldly design your organization’s future.”

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