Daily Buzz: The New Smart Office Building

About 77 percent of Americans own a smartphone—and now many want a smart office building too. Also: turning attendees into new members.

There are a variety of tools that increase an association’s productivity, but one of the most essential is an effective office space. After all, the infrastructure and capabilities of a building can play a big role in an organization’s overall workplace environment.

Jane Margolies writes in The New York Times that, thanks to advances in technology, more office tenants now expect landlords to provide the technical aspects of a work environment that they might have once developed. And many landlords are embracing such innovations to gain a competitive edge.

“Real estate experts say traditional considerations like location, access to transportation, and floor-plate size remain the main reasons tenants pick one place over another,” Margolies says. “But hoping to gain some sort of advantage, some office providers are beefing up other sorts of tech in their buildings, including antennae for picking up and amplifying cellphone signals and lighting sensors that track the brightness of the sun.”

If your organization is in the market for a new workplace, a “smart office” might be the way to go. But something to keep in mind: The more digital buildings become, the more security risks that come with them.

Turn Attendees Into New Members

The most likely place to find new members might be right under your nose: your meetings.

“Event attendees are the ‘warmest’ membership leads,” writes the MemberSuite team on its blog. “They already believe your event is worth their time and money, so they’ll likely be a receptive audience to your membership recruitment efforts, too.”

Before the meeting, talk with your membership team to develop a marketing strategy for before, during, and after the event to show attendees the value behind your organization.

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