Data Nugget: Fostering Friendship at Work

Are your employees spending a lot of time chatting at the water cooler? Maybe that’s not such a bad thing.

A recent study from Future Workplace, an HR advisory and research firm, and Virgin Pulse, an HR tech provider, suggests there’s a link between workplace friendships and retention. More than 2,000 managers and employees in 10 countries were surveyed, and more than half reported having five or fewer friends at work. Of those, 62 percent often feel lonely, 72 percent aren’t engaged at work, and 60 percent would be more inclined to stay with their organization if they had more friends. That percentage goes up for millennials and members of Gen Z.

Percentage of employees who would be more inclined to stay at their job if they had more friends at work

69% Millennials

74% Gen Z

60% All Respondents

Source: Future Workplace and Virgin Pulse, The Global Network Connectivity Study, 2018


Associations Now Staff

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