Brewers Association Grants Will Support Events Focused on Diversity and Inclusion

The craft beer trade group is distributing $20,000 in grants to local festivals and employment programs that aim to bring more diversity and inclusion to the growing sector.

The Brewers Association is giving a nod—and a series of financial grants—to industry events that are doing diversity right.

BA recently announced a series of grants to festivals and employment programs that aim to promote diversity and inclusion in the craft beer community. Six events chosen out of 51 applicants will share a total of $20,000 in grants to support their work.

Two of the programs (in Pittsburgh and Richmond, Virginia) are craft beer festivals targeted at local black communities; one (in Denver) focuses on the local Latino community. The other three events seek to expand the diversity of the industry itself—two employment fairs in Cleveland and Boston and an event series in Brooklyn, New York, that aims to elevate women in the craft beer community.

In a news release, Brewers Association Craft Beer Program Director Julia Herz noted that the events were selected in part due to their track record of success.

“These event organizers have truly embraced expanding to and engaging with new audiences,” Herz stated. “The Brewers Association is proud to support them, and to continue this program in future years.”

The program builds on recent efforts to improve diversity and inclusion in the beer space. In 2017, the association tightened its marketing code to discourage potentially offensive brand names or imagery. At the same time, BA launched a diversity committee focused on bringing in new craft beer drinkers and diversifying the industry’s workforce.

Herz noted that events such as the grant recipients are perfect ways to promote these goals. “Beer events connect people with beer and each other,” she said. “Inspiring organizers to deliberately welcome a broad and diverse group of attendees is the opportunity and our goal.”

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Ernie Smith

By Ernie Smith

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