Daily Buzz: It’s Time to Change Your Password

In honor of World Password Day, change the behaviors that leave you vulnerable to a data breach. Also: how to de-stress during meeting planning.

The first Thursday in May is World Password Day, which means it’s time to check in on your password habits. Because if recent research trends are right, they’re probably lacking.

According to the Password Security Report from the software company Avira, many people are engaging in poor password practices. Saving passwords to browsers, synchronizing devices over the internet, and using as few passwords as possible top the list of password no-nos that people commit regularly.

Combine these bad habits with the number of accounts you have, and you could end up with a real problem. “Avira cited studies indicating that if you have just a handful of online accounts—six to 10—you have a 9 percent chance of a data breach,” says Melissa Riofrio on PCWorld. “However, if you have 100 or more online accounts, the probability jumps to 30 percent.”

To make matters worse, the research shows that data breaches are becoming more common and affecting more people. So, to minimize risk and reduce your vulnerability to hackers, change your current passwords to make them longer and more complex—and don’t reuse them.

How to Reduce Meeting-Planning Stress

Meeting planning ranks as one of the top five most stressful careers, according to the job search site CareerCast. To help reduce stress, Smart Meetings says, make checklists before, during, and after the event to ensure that everything gets done or is as it should be.

Another tip: Don’t skip meals. “Eat nutrient- and protein-rich food during the event,” the website says. “At the same time, be mindful of what you eat. Do not try something new to which your body may react. Stay hydrated by drinking lots of water, and always carry an energy bar or some snack on you.”

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