Chatty Channels

Social media platforms and text-based applications allow for chatbot integration. Here are four places where members might turn for self-service using a bot.

Facebook Messenger. In April 2016, CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced the release of a bot platform for Facebook Messenger. It allows organizations to answer frequently asked questions, deliver content, and send notifications and event reminders.

Slack. This office collaboration tool has become a popular way for association communities to connect online. Slack comes pre-built with several chatbots, including bots that can manage project tasks, schedule meetings, or conduct surveys and polling.

WhatsApp. This is one of the most common applications used to send or receive encrypted texts and phone calls. A WhatsApp bot enables organizations to answer customer questions and confirm appointments in real time.

WeChat. The most popular messaging application in China, WeChat has more than 1 billion active daily users worldwide. With a WeChat bot, users can buy tickets, share documents, and ask questions via text.

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Tim Ebner

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