Daily Buzz: For a Positive Work Culture, You Need Positive Managers

Culture change starts with revamping the manager experience. Also: People now spend more time using their smartphones than watching TV.

Managers are essential players in developing a positive, productive work culture. But what happens when they aren’t happy or are feeling burned out, as about two-thirds of managers are?

The culture is stifled, says James Harter on Harvard Business Review.

“You can’t change a culture without great managers who themselves are having an exceptional employee experience,” he says. “This means they need to have challenging experiences where they, themselves, are engaged and developing through their strengths. They need to be coached, as they progressively become more effective coaches themselves.”

So, look at the management experience at your organization. Do managers have the opportunity to grow and develop in their roles? Are they engaged? If not, it might be time to consider a learning program to expand their skills and influence.

“The best programs help managers develop within the context of who they naturally are,” Harter says. “All managers become better coaches by developing competencies such as building relationships, developing people, leading change, inspiring others, thinking critically, creating accountability, and clearly communicating—if they aim their unique strengths at each competency.”

Smartphones > TV

Marketers, this just in: For the first time, U.S. consumers will spend more time on mobile devices, particularly smartphones, than they spend watching TV, according to research from eMarketer.

Although the shift has been a long time coming, Andrew Hutchinson writes on Social Media Today that the change requires some new thinking about marketing strategy.

“No doubt your marketing strategies are already realigned with the modern consumption shift,” he says, “but again, it is worth noting this change and taking stock of how people are now spending their time. TV advertising is still highly effective, but the cheaper—and now more popular—mobile experience could prove more beneficial, depending on your approach.”

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