Gartner: Job Market Leading Employers to Overpay for New Workers

According to the research firm Gartner, a competitive market for new hires is leading employers to pay even more than prospective workers are seeking—which encourages current employees to start looking elsewhere.

Staff recruitment has always been costly, but employers may be inadvertently adding expense these days, according to the research firm Gartner. The latest edition of its Global Talent Monitor report says that employers, concerned about the competitive job market, often offer higher starting salaries than prospective employees are seeking.

This, says Gartner HR Group Vice President Brian Kropp, often creates a negative cycle within the organization: “Not only are U.S. employers often paying too much to new workers, but once tenured employees discover discrepancies between their salaries and those of new colleagues, they may be more inclined to look for another position elsewhere,” Kropp said in a news release.

Gartner’s ‌1Q19 Global Talent Monitor report notes that a quarter of U.S. employees are looking for a new position—a 7.6 percent jump from the previous quarter but below the global average.

The solution, of course, is better retention, which is an area where organizations already struggle. The report notes that although the percentage of U.S. workers who plan to stay in their positions, 43 percent, is above the 33 percent global average, it’s lower than the prior quarter and signifies that more than half the U.S. workforce is likely open to or actively looking for another gig.

Kropp notes that employees’ perception of their organization’s financial stability is often a factor in departures but that engagement also plays a key role. He recommends investing in building out an employee value proposition (EVP) that focuses on professional development and work-life balance in addition to compensation.  Gartner says an effective EVP can decrease employee turnover by about 70 percent while helping improve new-hire commitment by nearly a third.

“When companies invest and deliver a strong EVP, engagement levels in their workforce will likely see a boost—not only in the ability to retain talent, but also in attracting sought-after talent,” he added.

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