Membership Hack: Three Meetings, One Week

The American Dental Association combined three of its small meetings into one week-long conference. The three-in-one format expands professional development opportunities while combining resources and stakeholder groups.

How to hack it? Many associations host small meetings, and that includes the American Dental Association. But this year, instead of hosting three smaller meetings at different times, ADA is scheduling them back-to-back in one conference week.

The three meetings—ADA’s State Presidents-Elect Conference, Management Conference, and Conference on Membership—will be hosted at the association’s headquarters in Chicago later this month. Together, they will emphasize a collaborative theme: “focusing and aligning for maximum impact.”

Why does it work? The conference week includes a few overlapping days when attendees can participate in joint strategy sessions and discussions between meetings. It also provides expanded professional development opportunities for attendees to learn in a variety of formats, including presentations, workshops, and open forums.

What’s the bonus? ADA’s conference week combines resources and stakeholder groups from the national, state, and local levels, delivering one consistent attendee meeting experience.

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Tim Ebner

By Tim Ebner

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