Data Nugget: Membership Challenges Ahead

By / Aug 1, 2019 (amanalang/iStock/Getty Images Plus)

It’s a question that almost every association executive has heard before: What’s keeping you up at night?

As it turns out, the answer is membership. In a GrowthZone survey of more than 500 association professionals, more than half of respondents—57 percent—said that member engagement or recruiting and retaining members ranked as their top challenge this year.

What is your biggest challenge in 2019?

Funding: 12 percent

Attracting Younger Members: 12 percent

Communicating Value Proposition: 18 percent

Recruiting and Retaining Members: 28 percent

Member Engagement: 29 percent

Source: 2019 Association Report, GrowthZone, January 2019

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