Executive Summary: Aijaz Khan

By / Aug 1, 2019 (Photograph by Colin Lenton)

Aijaz Khan, the director of technology at the National Association of Colleges and Employers, is a fan of fly fishing.

My Media Mix

TV: Billions, Game of Thrones

Magazines: CIO, Harvard Business Review

Blogs: Business Insider, Wired, MidCurrent

On My Desk Right Now

Documents related to the creation of a research platform, changes to our online store, and educating users on cybersecurity

If I Weren’t Doing This, I’d …

… be a professional chef.

The Best Advice I Ever Got

Own your mistakes.

What I Do When I’m Not at Work

Fly fishing, entertain friends

Who I’m Following on Twitter

@pourmecoffee @factsandtrivia @Brilliant_Ads

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