Meet with Purpose: Collaboration as a Catalyst for Better Health

The destination of a life sciences event should reflect the greater purpose of such a gathering—solving health challenges for millions worldwide.

Around the world, experts in the life sciences are working every day to solve the most complex health issues of our time, from disability and chronic illness to cancer and infectious disease. These challenges can only be solved with the collaboration of many brilliant people, making opportunities for these professionals to come together and share their knowledge so valuable.

Convening life sciences experts for meetings, conferences, and symposia is an expression of not only the incredible intellect driving innovations in health, but also the passion behind this life-changing work. The destination for a life sciences event should reflect the greater purpose of such a gathering: improving the health and quality of life of people worldwide. And that’s why so many of these events are being held in Canada’s leading centres of excellence across the life sciences spectrum.

Thanks to conference-friendly visa requirements and a wealth of intellectual capital, global life sciences organizations are choosing Canadian cities as the ideal host destinations for their events. There’s no better region for delegates to explore the intersection of health and science than in Montréal, Québec City, Toronto, Saskatoon, Vancouver, Edmonton, Halifax and Ottawa, where renowned experts are breaking ground in sub-sectors like medtech, pharmaceuticals, infectious disease vaccines, medical imaging, remote medicine and artificial intelligence.

Meeting planners are infusing local knowledge and inspiring collaboration throughout their events, bringing components of the vast Canadian life sciences ecosystem into the conference experience. Here’s how:

Forging new connections

Every year, dozens of organizations spanning the life sciences make Canada the backdrop for their professional gatherings, where they take advantage of all the resources and support the sector has to offer. With more than 4,200 life sciences and biopharma businesses, as well as numerous research institutions and centers of innovation, there’s no shortage of brainpower or creativity for delegates to tap into while visiting. Such connections not only foster professional development, but they afford conference organizers an opportunity to expand their membership base and global reach.

Providing insider access

There are countless opportunities for delegates to enjoy experiential learning and make connections with scientists, thought leaders and other experts across the sector. There’s Toronto’s JLABS, a life sciences incubator helping entrepreneurs bring their visions for better health into the world. Or visitors can meet with scientists at the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology, which offers the only nanotechnology systems program of its kind in Canada.

Many of the labs, research centers and universities spearheading developments in the life sciences sector are also located near conference venues, making for easy access to top talent. Those encounters, which can turn into long-term partnerships, are only possible when the destination has a strong track record of industry leadership.

Boosting value to organizations

With all these unique experiences that can’t be replicated anywhere else, Canada makes smart business sense as a meeting destination. Conferences have bolstered their event sponsorship through Canadian life sciences organizations and have also seen delegate attendance increase through partnerships with these groups.

Supporting dynamic visions

Canada’s life sciences infrastructure supports discovery and bold ideas, like the cutting-edge work showcased this May at Innovate Canada 2019. The second edition of this exclusive event featured the latest advances disrupting health and wellness. Hosted in the life sciences powerhouse of Toronto, Innovate Canada convened global C-suite executives for an educational and exciting look into developments in the life sciences, pharmaceuticals and medtech industries throughout Canada.

In this series, you’ll learn how meeting planners are creating purpose-driven events that highlight the role of the life sciences in making our world healthier and safer. And it all begins with choosing an unparalleled destination.

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