Membership Hack: An App to Track Savings

The American Homebrewers Association gives members an easy way to track discounts and savings using an app, which helps AHA make the case for membership value and ROI.

How to hack it? Do you know how much your members can save when they use your discounts and benefits? If you don’t, your members probably don’t either.

At the American Homebrewers Association, an app called Brew Guru not only delivers more than 2,200 money-saving deals at breweries, taprooms, and homebrew supply shops, but it also gives members the ability to track dollars-and-cents savings in real time.

Matt Bolling, AHA events and membership coordinator, tested out the app and demonstrated how the savings quickly added up. In a blog post, he writes, “I was able to save $159.81 in just six months, with an average savings of around $26 per month.”

Homebrewers who are unsure about membership can test a no-risk, one-month trial that gives free access to the app, plus the ability to use all AHA deals and discounts.

Why does it work? As Bolling points out, members who use the available savings can cover their $38 annual dues quickly—Bolling did it in about six weeks. He provides insider tips on how to save even more at local breweries and supply shops.

What’s the bonus? Cost-conscious members know what they pay in dues but may not have a clear picture of how their membership saves them money. By making membership ROI concrete, the app may help boost recruitment and retention.


Tim Ebner

By Tim Ebner

Tim Ebner is a senior editor for Associations Now. He covers membership, leadership, and governance issues. Email him with story ideas or news tips. MORE

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