The Fix: Rock the Vote

Voting is a standard method for choosing a board, but it can be used for a lot more. Pete Martin, CEO of Votem, Inc., a mobile voting platform, explains how associations can leverage voter technology not just for tallying elections, but also to tap into their members’ voices.

What advantage does voter technology offer associations?

Online voter technology, as long as it’s accessible by everyone on every device, works to drive engagement. Not everyone wants to download another app on their mobile phone. Being able to offer that voter interaction over all channels and mediums that members want to use is crucial. What are some ways you’ve seen associations using voting technology?

Most associations we work with are deploying voting technology just for voting for board members. The cost and time are low, and it’s easy to implement. But there are all kinds of things that happen inside the organization that would be great to put out to the broad membership for quick feedback in voting and surveys. This use is not driven by a board or executive committee or leadership team; this is driven by the members.

What are common missteps associations make when using this technology?

It needs to be understood that data provides a snapshot. If you’re looking at a snapshot today to base a long-term vision or plan on, that data needs to be understood. Here’s a great example: We work with CPA societies. Last year, there was all this info about the president’s new tax plan. People were reading it heavily. However, you can’t make decisions for two or three years out based on that. Once they know about the plan, they’re reading about the next story.

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