Illinois Solar Group Opens Industry’s Doors to Public With Statewide Tour

The Illinois Solar Energy Association has open houses taking place throughout the state later this month to highlight solar energy’s use in both homes and businesses to the public.

Often, event planning at associations takes the form of serving members, in a single place. But sometimes, the target audience is the public at large—and the location is numerous places at once.

That’s the strategy the Illinois Solar Energy Association is using with its latest campaign, which aims to highlight the power of solar throughout the state.

On Saturday, September 28, ISEA will launch the Illinois Solar Tour, a series of open houses that will bring people to more than 125 homes, businesses, and other places taking advantage of solar energy.

“The Solar Tour features sites in every part of the state where hosts will talk with the public about the experience of going solar,” the association explained in a news release.

More than 75 Illinois cities will take part in the event—including Chicago, Aurora, and Rockford. The tour comes as the solar field is greatly growing in the state, where the sector was responsible for 1,300 new jobs last year, but it also comes as the field faces advocacy challenges. The state is currently considering a bill called the Path to 100 Act, which aims to encourage the state to move to 100 percent clean energy regardless of what’s happening at the federal level. The bill reflects an effort to act upon a push by Governor J.B. Pritzker to move the state beyond fossil fuels.

“The self-guided Illinois Solar Tour will give participants valuable insight on the savings and environmental benefits of going solar as well as the costs and processes involved in solar installations,” ISEA added.

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Ernie Smith

By Ernie Smith

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