Daily Buzz: Don’t Procrastinate on These End-of-Year Projects

2019 is coming to a close, which means it’s time to start preparing your wrap-up activities. Also: Research-backed burnout symptoms.

Although it might feel like the new year is far enough on the horizon to put off end-of-year initiatives for a few more weeks, the calendar says otherwise.

Callie Walker from the MemberClicks blog recommends getting a head start on the following end-of-year projects in particular:

Member renewals. “If your membership renewal cycle is based on the calendar year, now is most definitely the time to start planning,” she says. “Do you have your renewal reminder emails drafted and scheduled to go out periodically leading up to the member expiration date?” Keep in mind that frequency matters: Too many emails, and you might annoy members and deter them from renewing.

Giving Tuesday. If your organization plans to take part in Giving Tuesday, an international day of charitable giving on December 3, it’s time to decide your strategy.

“What will your messaging be in your emails and on social media? Will you have any graphics? Testimonials?” Walker asks. “Do you have a monetary goal for the day? Start creating an action plan now. Your hard work, quite literally, will pay off.”

Volunteer appreciation gifts. “You may have a limited budget at your association or chamber, but it’s still important to plan some way to thank your hardworking volunteers,” Walker says. After all, volunteers put a lot of thought and time into the hours they spend at your organization—as a way to say thank you, you should do the same.

Common Signs of Burnout

Frustrated with coworkers, a bad night’s sleep, no motivation—maybe you’re having a bad week, or maybe it’s burnout.

New research, which outlines the most common symptoms of burnout, includes all of the above.

Other symptoms that made the list? Feeling cynical or disillusioned about your job, having difficulty concentrating, and feeling a lack of satisfaction in your accomplishments.

“The bottom line is, if you’re ringing up these symptoms, it may be time to ring up another employer for an interview,” writes Scott Mautz on Inc.

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