Daily Buzz: Managing Tech Overload

How do you adapt to a rapidly changing workplace? Develop your soft skills. Also: keeping remote employees engaged.

Technology is constantly evolving, and that means so is the workplace. How can workers keep up? It takes the right set of skills, says Shawn Murphy on CMSWire.

“Technology is forcing employees to grow,” says Murphy. “Progressive leaders know how important it is to invest in learning and coaching solutions that help employees expand both their professional and interpersonal skills.”

To thrive in a digitally dominated environment, Murphy says companies should:

Develop employees’ soft skills. As artificial intelligence and smart technology handle routine tasks, workers will have to tackle more complex assignments that are solved with cognitive, social, and emotional skills such as creativity, critical thinking, conflict resolution, and negotiation.

Develop managers’ leadership abilities. Employees can become overwhelmed by new technology in the workplace, and managers need the leadership abilities to help them. “Leaders who are ill-equipped to motivate and inspire employees will certainly struggle to understand when they are abusing technology’s benefits,” Murphy says.

Make sure technology doesn’t get in the way of human interaction. “Technology is a means to desired results. Forward-thinking companies focus on leveraging technology and implementing solutions that mitigate its downsides on human performance,” Murphy says.

How to Engage Remote Workers

When employees are away from the office environment, they can feel left out, says Callie Walker on MemberClicks. How do you keep remote employees engaged? Walker suggests connecting with them on a personal level by allowing small talk at the beginning of meetings, scheduling face-to-face video calls, and creating a “virtual watercooler” by adding fun communication channels on apps like Slack.

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