Diabetes Association’s New Platform Amplifies Patient Advocacy

The American Diabetes Association will parse policy discussions for patients through an online platform that aims to make clear how a given decision affects access to insulin or treatment options.

The American Diabetes Association ADA), like the community it serves, has a couple of key issues it heavily advocates for: patient access to insulin and the affordability of prescription drugs.

It’s a debate that those with the disease need to understand—because it could be a matter of life and death.

And with a new digital platform, it’s giving that community the tools it needs for stronger grassroots advocacy.

The new Communication & Engagement Platform aims to help the community understand the broader debate over access to medication. As ADA explains on the new website:

Why? Because, our goal is bringing patients directly to the solutions. We’re giving them tools so they can understand the insulin and prescription drug affordability conversation, so that they, their families and their health care providers understand the options on the table. This platform will enable them to engage directly with their elected officials, so they can be heard on the solutions that make the most sense.

ADA will examine policy goals with a three-question analysis that targets whether the policy lowers the cost of insulin, whether the policy increases barriers to drug assets, and whether the policy promotes competition.

The association says that it timed the launch of the new engagement platform to policy debates in Washington, and describes the advocacy approach as a “megaphone” to help ensure the voices of patients are heard.

“It’s no secret that Americans living with diabetes are struggling to afford their insulin and other medications,” ADA CEO Tracey D. Brown said in a news release. “This new platform provides a fast and easy way for people living with diabetes and those connected to them to understand and take action on legislation that impacts their daily lives.”

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By Ernie Smith

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