We Asked, You Answered: More Procrastination Remedies

A recent reader poll drew so many good responses on the question of procrastination that we had to do a second post. Maybe you’ll feel inspired after reading it to get to action yourself.

Eventually we had to get back to the to-do list.

We procrastinated on it for a week, but we couldn’t stay away from the dozens of responses you sent us for our recent reader poll on remedies for procrastination.

There were just too many good ones to leave hidden! With that said, check out another sample of some reader responses below. Maybe you’ll find just the spark to get going.

(Oh yeah, if you’re looking for some more ideas, we have a whole other post chock-full of suggestions. You won’t be procrastinating for long.)

Mary Kay Delvo

Owner/Organizational Coach/Speaker, INspiring SIGHT

Whenever I’m able, I wait until my energy is in the right place to do the task. This especially applies to things such as writing, which require creativity. Sometimes, I make a contest out of it and challenge myself to complete the task in record time, or depending on the task, incorporate a treat while doing the task or as a reward for having done it. Treats may include music, a glass of wine or a beer, special food, exercise, time to play my favorite game, etc.

Michelle Grachek

Account Executive, Bostrom Corporation

I start with something that I really like working on or something that can be done fairly quickly. Once I am able to get momentum, I am able to tackle the more involved projects.

Jeanette Ruby

Corporate Partnerships/Development, Society of Surgical Oncology

I am not a listmaker—never have been in my long career. I feel like can manage my tasks/priorities in my head. So when I’m procrastinating, it’s time to write down my top 3 tasks and do those before anything else. At all. I must do those.

Kate Fulk

Events Coordinator, Iowa Cattlemen’s Association

I turn to cleaning! Personally I get overwhelmed by a mess, but when I’m procrastinating, I find anything and everything that needs cleaning.

Erik Dove

CFO/COO, Barbershop Harmony Society

I schedule a meeting for the task/project that needs attention and adhere to the schedule. Usually bite-sized blocks (less than 50 minutes) will allow uninterrupted time to focus on a task and complete (or advance significantly) and also signals to colleagues that I am in a meeting.

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Ernie Smith

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