3 Lessons: In the Driver’s Seat

Lia Zegeye, senior director of membership for the American Bus Association, sets goals and stays flexible on the road to success.

Be adaptable. Technology is always evolving, and so is the way we do business. Adaptability to change is a trait that will serve you well beyond your career. Change is inevitable, but how you react to change in your environment is completely up to you. Make it work for you.

Stay goal-oriented. Put down your goals as part of your career blueprint. Make sure to include short- and long-term goals too. Short-term wins will be your motivation along the way. There will be bumps in the road, but don’t get thrown off. Such a focus will help you better manage your time and take advantage of all the resources around you.

Find a mentor. If you want to improve a specific skill set or get career guidance, enroll in a mentorship program. I’ve had a couple of mentors in my life, both as an athlete and in my professional career. I can truly say that their objective view, guidance, and professional know-how have made a difference. Mentors are your sounding board and will keep you accountable for the goals you set. For a productive partnership, be sure to create guidelines, goals, and expectations.

(Photograph by Jonathan Timmes)

Associations Now Staff

By Associations Now Staff

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