Daily Buzz: Why Event Pros Also Need to Be Event Attendees

How event professionals can maximize their time as event attendees. Also: Tips to boost your email marketing efforts.

Event professionals shouldn’t just be planning events for others, they should be attending some themselves, writes Nicole Peck on BizBash.

“Regardless of your tenure in the industry, conferences and events are packed with education and activities to help achieve new goals. Where else can you learn, grow, meet new people, and encounter new ideas?” Peck says.

To make the transition from event professional to event attendee, start with a plan: Set a goal to attend at least one new event this year that you have never attended before. Look out for any events that pull you out of your comfort zone and challenge you to think differently, Peck suggests.

Once you’ve chosen an event, spend time on the event website and social media feeds to network ahead of time.

“See who is active in the social community and connect with them in advance. Sort out people and organizations you would like to meet with and set up meetings at the event,” Peck says.

Once you’re at an event, do your best to be present. For example, if you’re not using your phone to take notes or network, put it away. It might also help to break away from your group and find an empty seat.

“Even if you are attending an event with a colleague, do not sit with them! I have connected with the most amazing people because I sat next to [them] on a bus ride or filled an empty seat in the middle of a row,” Peck says.

Post-event, follow up with the people you met. Connect with them on social media and make an effort to get in touch.

Effective Email Marketing in 2020: Add a Personal Touch

No matter the email marketing strategy, there are a few things any organization can do to make their campaigns more impactful, says Callie Walker of MemberClicks. One method is to write your email as if it is only going to one member as opposed to your entire membership.

“That one-on-one ‘feel’ is important when communicating via email. Hundreds or even thousands of people may have received that email, but the end-user wants to feel like it was written for them,” Walker says.

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