Daily Buzz: Wanna Make a Marketing Splash? Bring in a Celebrity

The Los Angeles Tourism & Convention Board has found an unexpected spokesperson—punk rock icon Henry Rollins. Also: what your organization can do to stay relevant.

The Los Angeles Tourism & Convention Board has recruited Henry Rollins to host a five-part video series about the city, Pitchfork reports. The first four premiered this week on Discover Los Angeles’ official YouTube page.

In the series, Rollins takes the viewer through LAX for a lesson in how to navigate, and even enjoy, Los Angeles’ largest international airport. Along the way, he offers such travel tips as taking advantage of automated check-in services and keeping tabs on your ID at all times.

Known for his punk rock roots and trademark intensity, as well as his career as a poet and commentator, Rollins could be considered an unexpected choice as a pitchman. Yet Rollins’ involvement has already garnered attention for the tourism marketing organization in unusual places.

In addition to Pitchfork, major music news outlets such as Rolling Stone and Stereogum have reported on the series, exposing the campaign to an audience that otherwise might not have seen it.

How Your Organization Can Stay Relevant

Organizations are locked in a constant struggle to stay relevant. To keep your members, volunteers, and donors engaged, you must change with the times, writes David Fry for Mary Byers’ blog.

“Change is all around us, and with technology it moves at a light-speed pace. When the environment in which we operate has experienced seismic shifts, how can groups expect to remain relevant unless they change with it?” Fry asks.

In the search for relevance, Fry says organizations must be willing to reinvent themselves in response to what people want.

“I encounter organizations every day that are pretty much ‘doing what they’ve always done,’” he says. “At the same time, they wonder why younger people don’t want to join, donate, get involved, or volunteer. The fundraising events they sponsor are not much different. Attendance evokes a déjà vu feeling, year after year, and yet they wonder why attendance is dropping.”

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