We Asked, You Answered: Making the Most of Drive Time

If you're not one of those lucky folks who commute in their bunny slippers down the hall to their home office, you're likely spending some time behind the wheel each day. Here's how a few association pros make those most of their daily drive time.

Recently, we asked readers how they pass the time during their daily commute. Who knew we had touched on such a hot topic? We got so many responses that we’re sharing them in two stories. Read on for a sampling from association pros who travel to the office by car, and watch next week for some answers by folks who use public transit.

Drivers have to keep their eyes on the road, so it’s not surprising that their ears come in handy for on-the-road learning, thinking, and entertainment. Their favorites may inspire you too.

Paula Moore

Vice President, Association of Catholic Colleges and Universities

My drive time into downtown DC is about 75 minutes each way. That’s my time to clear my thinking for the day ahead, and then decompress at the end of the day. How? Podcasts! I tend to favor entertaining programs, like Wait Wait … Don’t Tell Me; Ask Me Another; and my new favorite, Shedunnit, a wonderful exploration of the golden age of detective fiction from a feminist perspective.

Gary Hunt

Communication Director, Ohio Society of CPAs

I am a dedicated podcast listener and subscribe to enough to populate several playlists. In the morning ,when I am sharp and heading for the office, I listen to podcasts about communication, accounting, and other professional issues. On the way home, it’s sports, fiction, music, and other brain candy.

Cathy Barrie

Manager of Foundation and Outreach, Federal Bar Association

I “slug” (casual carpool ride) from Woodbridge to Arlington in Virginia. I get a head start on my email and catch up with The Washington Post. I sit back and enjoy the ride.

Lisa Levine

CEO, Energy Bar Association

I listen to Audible books, Blinkist, and other podcasts. I also voice-text messages to others (mostly my staff) and use the voice memo for reminders to myself. I commute very early in the morning, so I do not return calls, but I do make calls to set up various personal appointments. Finally, I try to use this quiet time to reflect on my day and week, and think about strategic issues for the future. Basically, I am the queen of multitasking. :-)

Amanda Kaiser

Member Engagement Specialist, Kaiser Insights LLC

Podcasts and audiobooks are a great way for me to learn while in the car. Right now I’m listening to Insight by Tasha Eurich. This book is about improving performance at work and home by being more self-aware. Between audiobooks, I listen to podcasts like Akimbo, Revisionist History, and Mary Byers’ podcast, Successful Associations Today.

Bethany Beaudrie

Online Community and Content Manager, Intradiem

Commuting in the greater metro Atlanta area gives me plenty of opportunity for idle time in stop-and-go traffic. Rather than getting bored, I attempt to turn this time into a learning opportunity. My favorite things to listen to while driving are podcasts and audiobooks. As a community manager, I have favorite community podcasts where I can learn about best practices from other community managers. Audiobooks are usually community related, but I also listen to the young adult books my kids are reading for school so that I can know what content they are covering.

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Ernie Smith

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