Daily Buzz: Keys to Better Member Recruitment

Find new ways to reach potential members. Also: Establish an association culture that promotes community and collaboration.

Membership growth is a priority for most associations. And while attracting new members is challenging, there are several ways you can up your recruitment game, writes Callie Walker of MemberClicks.

It helps to optimize your presence on social media. Your feeds should be active and include a description of your organization, contact information, and important links.

“Think of a prospect winding up on your Facebook page before ever visiting your organization’s website. Are you presenting your organization the way you’d like to? Can they access all the information they might need (particularly to join) right then and there?” Walker writes.

Your existing members can also help in your recruitment efforts. “You know who knows other people in your organization’s industry the best? Your members!” Walker says. “They work with them day in and day out; they’re friends with them.” Create a membership referral program that gives current members an incentive to bring in new people.

If you’re having trouble reaching potential members directly, try contacting the companies they work for.  “Companies want the best of the best, particularly in today’s competitive workforce. They want their employees to have the sharpest skills and to stay on top of the latest trends and best practices—something your association and chamber can certainly help with,” Walker says.

Create a Positive Culture at Your Association

In the world of work, some employees unfortunately face injustices, such as harassment, discrimination, and inhumane policies. However, associations can be bastions of kindness in a competitive world, argues Amanda Kaiser of Smooth the Path.

Association professionals “want to build a community and foster collaboration. We sometimes dare to hope our membership becomes a professional family,” Kaiser says. To achieve a positive culture, make sure your association’s policies are in place, up to date, and enforced, she advises. And as a leader of the organization, take every opportunity to set an example of kindness, openness, and generosity.

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