Daily Buzz: How SEO Can Generate More Than Organic Traffic

Good SEO strategies can promote any content marketing goals. Also: Be prepared to answer questions from new members.

What is your content marketing strategy trying to accomplish? Even if it isn’t about generating organic traffic, SEO can still be useful, writes Kelsey Raymond on the HubSpot blog.

“SEO efforts don’t just help you reach organic traffic goals—they can also help you achieve your brand awareness and lead generation goals,” she says.

For example, if your goal is to grow your reputation as a thought leader, keyword research can give you a boost.  “Keyword research can help you find out what questions your audience has so you can provide answers and position your company as authorities in your industry,” Raymond says.

If your focus is lead generation, then build topic clusters for your content. You can develop a pillar page for each of your company’s main focus areas. Then you’ll build out more specific subtopics, or “cluster content,” Raymond explains. Each piece of content will link to other pieces in the cluster, which keeps users engaged longer and boosts the likelihood that they’ll fill out a form or reach out to you.

When your focus is both lead generation and thought leadership, optimize your blog posts.

“If the content you’re producing for your site isn’t ranking well, it isn’t showing up as a relevant answer to your audience’s questions. This means you won’t be perceived as an expert, and you most definitely won’t generate more leads,” Raymond says.

Answering Questions From New Members

When a member joins your association, he or she will naturally have questions such as “Will this be worth my time and money?” and “Is this organization really for people like me?” To allay these fears, organizations should provide onboarding programs, writes Amanda Kaiser of Smooth the Path.

“New member onboarding programs answer the unspoken critical questions your new members have,” she says.

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