Daily Buzz: Drowning in Distractions? Block Your Time for Better Productivity

Dividing your days into blocks of time can help you stay focused on specific tasks. Also: Boost your email-marketing efforts with landing pages.

In today’s work environment, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by the constant emails, messages, and calls that come your way. If you don’t manage these distractions, it could hurt you in the long run.

Try time blocking to keep distractions from eating up your time, says John Rampton on Entrepreneur. Time blocking is a technique where you segment your day into defined chunks of time. For example, you would set a block of time from 8 to 8:30 a.m. to complete a specific task, instead of working on it sporadically throughout the day.

“The key to time blocking is organizing the tasks that need to be completed and then set aside a specific timeframe to focus only on those items. This prevents multitasking and interruptions from dictating your day,” Rampton says.

There are a few best practices to follow to get the most out of this technique. For one, block your time based on priorities. Create a to-do-list of the day’s tasks and rank them in order of importance, Rampton suggests. From there, block your time so that the most important task is scheduled the first thing in the morning, the second most important thing is scheduled after that, and so on.

You can also schedule your days by theme instead of working on 10 topics in a day. Mondays could be spent on recruiting, while Tuesdays could be when you schedule all of your meetings, Rampton says.

Lead Your Audience From Email to Landing Page

No matter the style or message, a great newsletter drives action for your organization. Consider adding landing pages for your email campaigns, suggests a recent post on the Campaign Monitor blog.

“Landing pages complement your emails by providing a final destination and message for your readers to learn more. Your landing page showcases additional features of your offering and provides a CTA for the user to move further into your customer journey,” says the Campaign Monitor team.

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