The Fix: Talent Search Goes Digital

In today’s blazing-hot job market, most employers venture online to find strong candidates. Tom Aley, group vice president of software solutions at Naylor Association Solutions, has advice for getting the most from the online portion of your talent search.

What’s a common mistake employers make when posting positions on job boards?

Sometimes, they don’t spend enough time articulating what the job is. With any talent strategy, you have to think about the core competencies that are important to make sure you get the talent you need. Today, technology can help. Have you ever been typing something into a search box online, and, all of a sudden, you get a suggestion? Some job boards use that same type of predictive text to help employers write a better job description.

What can associations do better when looking for talent?

Associations are really good at articulating some of the intangibles that come with working in the association: flexibility and teleworking, for example. What they could improve at is articulating the need to adapt and change, especially when trying to recruit outside of associations: You might be in marketing, but you might need to get your head into membership, too. Associations struggle with finding people who are comfortable wearing multiple hats.

What if an association isn’t getting much traction through a job site?

People will see jobs posted many different places, but more often than not, they have gotten savvy and will go to the association directly to apply. People responsible for talent management and recruitment should understand that their brand is essentially made up of all these places where candidates might see jobs. They might apply on the association site directly, but it’s likely they’ve seen it somewhere else.

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