Daily Buzz: Tips to Make Your Blog Posts More Exciting

Adding visual elements and a personal touch can go a long way. Also: How IT can play a big role in an organization’s success during the pandemic.

You might not always be thrilled about your next blog topic. Highly technical or dense subject matter could make it difficult to engage readers and keep them around.

“Even though it can be difficult to make a topic like photo event sizes a blast to write about, I’ve learned some tricks that can end up making those not-as-fun topics equally as exciting,” says HubSpot’s Kayla Carmicheal.

One way to spice things up is to inject our own experiences into a post. This gives dry or technical pieces a personal touch and helps readers relate more to the piece. Visual elements such as infographics and videos also help the piece stand out.

“Graphics improve the readability of a post and break up sections of the text to make my reader’s experience more enjoyable,” Carmicheal says. “Multimedia elements offer a different outlet to flex my creativity. I have so much fun making graphics that I get excited to write the rest of the post.”

You can also tie current events into your post, such as a pop culture reference in the introduction, to catch the reader’s eye.

“I’ve found that introducing a topic with how the latest fast food Twitter battle relates to it makes me amped to dive into the details,” Carmicheal says.

If you’re not deeply familiar with a topic, reach out to subject matter experts for help. Not only will they convey information in a way that’s understandable, but they’ll also probably be passionate about what they’re talking about, making the post more compelling.

How IT Can Support Virtual Events

As more companies make use of virtual event technology, IT leaders have the important role of making sure their organizations are using it effectively.

“A virtual conference is not the same as an in-person event, so how can you change your organization’s traditional thinking to embrace this new approach and maximize the attendees’ experience?” asks Mike Guerrieri on the DelCor blog. “You could have shorter sessions, combine live and pre-recorded sessions, or make the recorded content available as an additional post-conference revenue stream.”

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