Daily Buzz: Practice Crisis Management Calmly

With the right leadership approach, there’s no reason to panic during a challenging time. Also: Streamline your IT and business practices with process mining.

When faced with an organizational crisis, leaders need a game plan to address the issue quickly and competently.

“No matter how smoothly things run most of the time, the occasional problem is inevitable, and when one pops up, your team will turn to you for guidance,” says the Forbes Young Entrepreneur Council.

Find your path to recovery by reflecting on your organization’s mission statement and core values. This can give you a clear course of action.

“A clear mission statement and a strong set of principles serve as the lighthouse a company needs in a storm,” says council member Jacob Tanur of Click Play Films.

Take care of your staff first during a difficult situation so they are prepared to stand together and find solutions.

“Since people are the most important assets of any organization, caring for them in the good times will protect the company during the tough times,” says council member Alaa Alghadban of Sana Group.

And if you’re faced with a number of problems, tackle one at a time to avoid getting overwhelmed. Trying to handle too much at once could easily lead to a loss of focus and bad mistakes.

“You’ll also have the mental satisfaction of knowing that one problem on your list has been cleared, which will give you the energy and motivation to handle what’s next,” says council member Syed Balkhi of WPBeginner.

Use Process Mining to Boost Efficiency

Need to improve your organization’s IT or business practices? Use process mining, a strategy that begins by evaluating established processes to find repetitive tasks that can be automated using various technologies.

“By automating repetitive or mundane tasks, organizations can increase efficiency and productivity—and free up workers to spend more time on creative or complex projects,” says CIO’s Sarah K. White.

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